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Your personal experience, style and interpretations matter! Why Vote? This is your question and your answer in video form and is unique to you, but it can be helpful to get inspiration and ideas from videos other people have made for other contests and other programs.


Below are some different kinds of video styles to inspire you. The videos listed require a bit more effort and editing, but are also examples of the kind of videos you could do. As individuals or as a group, adapting it to work with the virtual classroom. Take a look:


Act Now-on climate change: 1m 34s


Dr. Lee Presents Can't Touch This Covid Parody: 2m 12s


Go Vote!: 1m 59s


American Vision(Read the lyrics to the vocals below the video): 2m 59s


Recycle To Save: 1m 31s


UW Climate Change Video Contest: 3m 9s


After having read this page and watched the videos, take some time to think about what kind of video you might want to make. If you have some ideas, images, action or music come to mind, write it down, draw it, save it for the nexts steps!

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