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You can make a documentary, conduct an interview or create a fictional narrative using actors. Your answer to the question “Why vote?” can be a poem or song or dance, and you can build your video around it. Whatever approach you take, your video should express your ideas from an immigrant’s point of view.


You can tell your own story. You can tell the story of a friend or a family member. You can interview people in your neighborhood. You can use music, drawings, graphics, animation, costumes or props. Your video can be serious or comical. The possibilities are endless!


We chose the question “Why Vote?” for this contest because in a democracy, voting is the most powerful tool for defending your rights and helping your community get the services and respect it deserves. Immigrants make up 10% of the American population that is eligible to vote, yet they exercise this right at far lower rates than native-born Americans. Even if you yourself can’t vote because of age or citizenship status, you have the power to use your creativity, your passion, and your bilingual skills to encourage citizens in your community to exercise their right to vote.


How will your video answer the Contest question Why Vote? There are so many different ways to accomplish this. Sometimes it is difficult to come up with ideas at first. By the time you have gone through the Pre-Production section you will probably have many ideas to work with. To get you started, this is just one example of a good idea: Create a newscast. Act out different roles in the newsroom, like an anchor, sports reporter, weather reporter, or entertainment correspondent. You could address the Contest question in a serious or comical manner. You could create a news segment that gives everyone in a group a chance to get involved. Or, you can play two or three roles yourself, using costumes and different voices or accents.


You can come up with your own unique idea or you can adapt one or more of the examples you find in the videos below. Just remember to keep it simple. 


Below are some short, simple examples from other video contests and programs. These videos require only a small amount of editing. Both educators and students will probably see these videos as something they could do themselves, as individuals or in a group, and your video can be adapted for the virtual classroom. Take a look:


How Can We Be the Change?: 43s


Let’s talk about Puerto Rico: 57s


10 Reasons You Should Vote: 1m 26s


Democracy: 2m 33s


The Urban Shade Tree: 4m 35s


Democracy Needs Participation: 2m 11s


A Deeper Look at Chinese Culture: 1m 47s


Bins don't recycle. People do!: 1m 9s


Three friends who dreamed to be recycled // Bins Don't Recycle People Do: 1m 20s

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