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Editing your video is as important as shooting your video. Creating a great video does not end when you have shot all of your footage, gathered images, music and other elements you want to use in your video. The next step is putting it all together into a finished product. In the Post-Production Section, you will be adding all of the elements you have gathered to your video footage and editing your video.


Most of you will be using the editing apps we have provided on this site. Some of you will be using your phone to edit and some of you will use your computer. While these resources are meant to help you do everything on your phone, you may use your computer for editing.


You will learn how to add and edit your music and sound effects, create subtitles, text, voiceovers, transitions, credits and any other additional elements you have created or gathered for your finished video.


It is possible for you to produce and edit your entire video with the tools on your phone. This depends on how simple or complex you have planned your video. You may have the video footage you want to use without any extra elements that need editing. Whatever kind of video you have created, you will probably need to do some amount of editing. In order to do this, you will need additional editing tools.


Have your script and storyboard at hand to help guide your video editing choices and ask yourself the following questions:


  • In what order will you arrange your video? 

  • What pieces work well together? 

  • What piece should be cut out? 

  • How will it end? 


The questions above should be thought through to include your music, sound, effects, images, text and all other elements in addition to your actual footage.


You will need to decide on your strategy of transitioning between scenes and which segments need voiceover narration and/or subtitles.


It is also possible that you realize there are some elements you would like to add and need to shoot more video. 


Get started by taking a look at the editing tutorial links listed on the next page of this section.


Unless you already have editing software or Apps on your phone and/or computer, your best option is to choose an editing App from the links also listed on the next page of this section. 

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