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Some of you will not be adding voiceover to your video in post-production. For those of you that will be using the narration recorded from the actual shooting of your video footage, it is especially important for you to be aware of the quality of the sound you capture during your video shoot. Below are some tips to help you achieve better sound while filming.

  • Good quality audio is important for making the best video you can. The microphones on mobile phones can get the job done! You don’t need to spend money on additional equipment.

  • Record in a quiet space. 

  • Avoid white noise from AC units, refrigerators, fans or other electronics that can interfere negatively in the quality of your audio recording.

  • Make sure the ringer, alerts and beeps on your phone and those around you are turned off.

  • Be aware that the letters P and S can make distracting sounds when you or others are speaking

  • Hold your microphone slightly away from your mouth.

  • Speak slowly and clearly. 

  • Pause between sentences. The pauses will make it easier to cut out mistakes later when editing.




Each person’s voice is unique. Your voice gives life to your script. It is  used to connect with your friends, families and communities. When you use your voice in your video, you are reaching out to all of the people who will watch your video. The words of the script will communicate some of the information you want your audience to know, but it is important to remember that you communicate your feelings through the sound of our voice. You let the audience see and hear a small part of your personality. Because of that the audience connects with you and with what you have to say. 


A lot of people are uncomfortable with the way their voice sounds when it is recorded. But, it is a powerful tool to use to connect with people that will watch your video. When you record your voice, it is helpful to remember that your story, your message and your perspective is really important for other people to understand your world.  


How to Record Audio on a Mobile Phone; iPhone, Android & Windows:

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